Why is it, that while I understand perfectly how bad fried food is, I will ALWAYS find a reason to get at that lukewarm batch of fried chicken from the gas station? After devouring the coma inducing “snack” I sit back and wonder why the hell I would do this to myself. I should know better.

It turns out that I do know better, it’s just that the primitive parts of my mind are much, much stronger than the reasoning parts of my mind. We might think of reason as the errand boy for our urges. With enough pressure from our primitive brain, the errand boy will give in and find any reason to make the primitive brain happy.


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Earlier this year, Netherlands-based artists Super A and Collin van der Sluijs teamed up to create a stunning 137-foot tall mural on the side of a building in Berlin. Titled ‘Starling’, the mural shows a massive blue and purple bird covered in feathers. But when you take a closer look, you’ll see it’s covered in not only feathers but all sorts of different jewels and gems.

The artists were invited by active urban movement Urban Nation as part of the One Wall Mural Project. So if you’re in the area, be sure to pass by to take a look. If not, that’s ok, photographer Nika Kramer has taken some detailed pics of the mural! You can find them below.


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