So many sweet, magical memories.
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If you’ve so much as tapped the Twitter icon on your phone this morning, you’ll probably have seen at least 100 posts about Harry Potter.

Basically, today is the books’ 20-year anniversary. On 26 June 1997, The Philosopher’s Stone was published and the Harry Potter universe was magicked into existence.

And although there have been a huge number of fan tributes shared on social media, the following illustration posted by Instagram’s official account and drawn by illustrator Taryn Knight is particularly spell-binding.

This isn’t the first time Knight’s drawn the Harry Potter world, either; her Instagram is packed full of other magical gems:

Her-my-own-knee #hermionegranger #harrypotter

A post shared by Taryn Knight (@taryndraws) on

You can see more of Knight’s work on her Instagram account.

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Thors hammer might seem like just another superhero accessory, like Batmans grappling gun or Wonder Womans Lasso of Truth. Unlike those heroic paraphernalia, there is a lot more to Mjlnir than you might think.

For decades, Thor has become a popular mainstay of Marvel comics. He was a founding member of the Avengers, and starred in multiple comics titles before getting his own long-running series. His hammer, like any reliable friend, has been with him ever since. Mjlnir has proven to be an essential part of who Thor is over the decades in comics, cartoons, and live-action interpretations.

7 fascinating facts about Thors hammer, Mjlnir

1) Mjlnir wasnt created in a regular forge

Mjlnir has an origin story that could earn its own spin-off movie. Over the decades, the hammer has had a few different origin stories. The most recent version, as well as the one utilized in the Thor movies, explains that Mjlnir was forged in the heart of a dying star.

Illustration via Thor Vol. 2 #80/Marvel

Theres actually a lot more to the story. The hammer was forged by dwarven blacksmiths named Eitri, Brok, and Buri. In the comics, Odin commanded the blacksmiths to construct a deadly and powerful weapon for Asgard. To do this, the blacksmiths summoned a magical forge located in the heart of a star. There, they painstakingly forged Mjlnir out of Asgardian metal. This metal is so indestructible, it would give Wolverines adamantium claws a run for their money.

2) Mjlnirs creation came with some serious casualties

The creation of Mjlnir wasnt just magicalit was also intense. So intense, actually, that Earth was nearly destroyed in the process. (Of course that wouldve made for a really short comic book.) The explosion caused by Mjlnirs creation was so deafening it wreaked havoc on Earth and ended up causing the mass extinction event that took out the dinosaurs in the Marvel universe.

Fortunately for Marvels heroes, Earth survived the blast. With Jeff Goldblums upcoming appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, it sounds like life found a way after all.

3) DC Comics introduced Mjlnir before Marvel

You read that correctly. Thor and his hammer, Mjlnir, were initially introduced by artist Jack Kirby in the 1942 short Adventure Comics, a subsidiary of DC Comics. That was two decades before he was a Marvel superhero.

Illustration via Adventure Comics #75

In the comic, Thor and his trusty hammer Mjolnar fought against the villain Sandman. Kirby liked the concept of Thor so much that he officially inducted Thor into the Marvel universe in the 1962 comic Journey into Mystery, for which Kirby shared credit with Stan Lee. The rest is Marvel history.

4) Thor is kind of a wimp without his trusty hammer

If youve seen Marvels Thor, youll remember that Thor was relatively useless without his hammer. It took him learning humility to earn the right to wield Mjlnir, and that is when he became Thor. Thors armor, his ability to fly, his ability to command lightningyup, all because of the hammer.

Screengrab via MarvelEntertainment/YouTube

Chris Hemsworth as Thor without his hammer.

Yes, Thor is very strong and exhibits great physical pose. However, Mjlnir is an essential part of what makes Thor well, Thor. This is what separates Mjlnir from the gadgets on Batmans utility belt. In the comics, Batman often fends for himself when his utility belt is taken away by criminals and villains. Wonder Woman still has superhuman strength when shes without her lasso.

Thors demigod status makes him hard to hurt, but his offensive moves are rendered almost useless without Mjlnir, which is the best argument for why the hammer is such a quintessential part of who Thor is.


5) Mjlnir can travel in disguise

In early iterations of the Thor character, he had an alter ego, and hed sometimes come to Earth under the assumed identity of a doctor named Donald Blake. Thor could change his identity at will thanks to Mjlnir, while the hammer itself would transform into a walking stick for Blake.

Illustration via Thor #337/Marvel

In these early versions of the character, and in the more recent comic with Jane Foster, if the hammer is out of Thors grip for more than 60 seconds, Thor reverts back to the identity of a normal person. This part of Thors character, which has been an integral part of the comics for decades, was decidedly ignored for the films.

6) Thor isnt the only one who has wielded Mjlnir

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Avengers have a light-hearted scene where each of them try to pick up Thors hammer. No one is able to do italthough pure-hearted Steve Rogers comes close. Later in a pivotal scene, the newly born Vision picks up the hammer and hands it over to Thor. Its a small but important moment: Vision is able to show his worthiness to the Avengers, and most importantly to a stunned Thor.

In the comics, Vision isnt the only one who has wielded Mjlnir. Captain America has proved his worthiness and wielded the hammer before, thus explaining why the film version of Rogers could almost do it in Age of Ultron. X-Mens Storm, Odin, and most recently Jane Foster have all proved they are worthy enough to wield the mighty Mjlnir. Which brings us to Mjlnirs current companion.

7) Jane Foster is the current wielder of Mjlnir

Thor has wielded Mjlnir in the comics for decades. However, after a recent comic book incident with Nick Fury, he was deemed unworthy to wield the hammer. The person who was deemed worthy instead?

Illustration via Marvel

Jane Foster, a popular human ally from Thors trusted inner circle. This event was so significant it even changed the inscription on Thors hammer. The original inscription described: He who holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” When Jane picked up the hammer, it read: Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. It looks like even Mjlnirs words are capable of making a sizable and impressive impact.

While the dethroned old Thor sulked off under the moniker Odinson, the new female Thor took up his title and heroic ways. Her identity was kept secret to comic-book readers for a while until it was recently revealed. With Jane Foster wielding Mjlnir in the comics, the implications could be enormous. Chris Hemsworth will eventually step down as the mighty Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and having a female Thor in the comics could be a pathway for Natalie Portman, who plays Jane Foster in the movies, to wield the hammeror even perhaps Tessa Thompson, who appears in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.When it comes to Mjlnir, the hammer gets to choose its master.

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Sorry to kill your buzz.
Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock

One highlight stands head and shoulders above all the rest from the Golden State Warriors’ 132-113 drubbing of the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night: Steph Curry, feinting and probing against the smothering defense of LeBron James before knifing to the rim for a layup against the much bigger man.

The play instantly lit the internet on fire with emphatic reactions. It stood out for several reasons: the size difference between the two stars; as an illustration of Golden State’s dominance through two games in this year’s Finals; and finally, as a bit of revenge for a vicious block James had against Curry in last year’s Finals matchup.

But upon further review, there is a problem: The play technically shouldn’t have counted at all because Curry double-dribbled. How do we know this? Thanks to a clip the NBA itself shared on social media.

First, here’s the play in question, which came early in the third quarter Monday night. Watch Curry struggle to free himself from James before finally getting the separation he needs to sneak in two points.

It’s remarkable and nearly impossible to spot his double-dribble when viewing at game speed. Curry gets the advantage he’s seeking around the seven-second mark of this clip, using a head and shoulders fake near the three-point line to get James off balance before he drives to the rim.

Remember that moment.

Now, the NBA has something called a “Phantom Cam,” which is basically a camera that shoots super-slow motion in super-high quality. They use the “Phantom Cam” to create cool clips that are sharable on social media and did just that with Curry’s drive on James.

Let’s pay careful attention to the 22-second mark of this clip, though it corresponds to the seven-second mark of the first clip we showed you, the moment when Curry found his advantage on James.

But slowed down and from an alternate angle, we see this:

It turns out Curry didn’t just get James with a head-and-shoulder fake that made the Cavs star briefly expect an outside shot was coming. No, it turns out Curry was able to trick James because he actually put two hands on the ball as if he was going to shoot before double-dribbling to begin his drive to the rim.

Now, a missed call on one drive to the hoop is not even close to being the worst of Cleveland’s problems losing games one and two by a combined 41 points proves that beyond a doubt.

But perhaps Cavs fans can take solace in one small mercy: Sunday night’s viral highlight wasn’t quite what it seemed.

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